5D II tethering with the iPAD

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Re: I want to drive my car through my iPad, too

gdanmitchell wrote:

Had you actually tried one before you made your pronouncements? No? I didn't think so.

I was initially somewhat skeptical of the iPad concept for some of the very reasons you mention - which basically come down to "there are some things my laptop can do that the iPad cannot do."

But, after having a chance to actually use one, my point of view has changed quite a bit. I have not purchased one yet, but it is an impressive tool. And for the purpose the OP mentioned - a remote screen with good detail and color in a very small package that might connect wirelessly - it could be quite a useful tool for many folks.

There is a long history of people who have not really used an Apple product declaring (often loudly, with the appearance of great authority, and while denigrating said product) that this, that, and the other new Apple product are "overpriced" and "useless" or duplicate what other devices can do. There is also a long and well-documented history of how incredibly wrong they look in hindsight. These things were said about Apple's first laptops, about wireless, about Laser printers, about their ability to support sophisticated graphics applications, about the iMac, about iTunes, about the iPod, about the iPhone...


well - I often compare this with my childhood days

I had many ideas of how things should be and most of the time I ended up buying simply the cheapest option claiming it was the best.

Now that I have been to university, some 15 years in different Management positions and with lot's of experiences I still look for affordable solutions but I also take into consideration my use case first. Thus not on the surface looked devices wins but the best feature set for my specification requirements with an acceptable price and a good perspective for selling it used after some years.

This is why the iPAD took immediately my attention for a tethering device.

By the way - my spouse just sold her G5 iMAC after five years of very intensive utilization for 440 EUR (some 600 USD) - not bad for an almost stone age MAC and I guess it might be used for another 5 years or so.

Just look at things a bit more business wise and not childish short term oriented.

I hope that there will be a tethering software soon for USB and or a new smaller WiFi or wireless USB connection for the 5D II

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