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Re: Two words: Target market (NT)

Mark VB wrote:

Agree about the target market concept. However, still worrying is the near uniform criticism the required menu diving gets for adjusting about any camera function or operation. From what I've read and seen, the criticism is fully justified, and one wonders why Sony could not have done a far better job in this regard than it has. Does it not understand such issues, or just doesn't think they are important enough for the target market? But if the latter, why design a system that is an almost automatic turn-off for a more sophisticated user that might have an interest in a smaller, lighter camera for those times when they don't want to use or bring their "bigger" camera? Perhaps Sony plans to address such issues in the rumored NEX 7 camera, that presumably also will be more expensive.

But it still makes little sense to come up with such a cumbersome operating system that is universally (or almost universally) panned.

The NY Times article, & the video accompanying it, don't so much pan the menu system as see it as a trade-off for the smaller size. Overall these are great reviews. The video ends, "Ladies & gentlemen, your order," as the NEX5 is brought to the table on a tray. In other words, in the terms of the video from the beginning, ladies & gentlemen, this is exactly what you have been wanting all along.

You just couldn't have a better review--and the NY Times is by no means a high-volume consumer rag. Reviews like this are intended for & read by very sophisticated people--not gearheads, but people who appreciate very fine design. I think Sony has hit the mark dead on--and there is more to come.

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