My first X1 shots and impressions,,,

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My first X1 shots and impressions,,,

The camera arrived today.... I unpacked it from its beautiful box and got the battery charged. I didn't get to shoot too much, but here's a few of my shots and my initial impressions...

At ISO 1600!

My very first shot... My husband can never make a normal face in a photo...

What would an Amy-test be without a beach or marina?

my initial impressions

Love the size and handling of the camera. It feels good in the hand and is nice and small and light. Somehow it feels well-made though, and it s certainly a beautiful camera. I'm not sure i like the included camera strap... It's leather, but a bit stiff. It's also not adjustable!

What you've read about the auto focus is true. It's slow. It reminds me of the EP1 when it was first released, before the firmware updates. You won't be shooting sports with an X1

The focal length feels perfect to me. I've become a lover of the 35mm lens on my M8 but sometimes it's just not wide enough... Probably because it's more like 45mm on the M8... So the X1 is just right. It's probably why i also like the 20mm Panny on the EP1.

I love the way the camera functions as far as the menu and setting-dials. Some have complained about the dials being too "loose"... I can see why some have issue with them... They do click into place but not nearly as firmly as the shutter speed dial on the M8... Whether is will be a problem or not for me remains to be seen.

One gripe I have is that you can't shoot in RAW only. You have to pick a RAW+JPG mode. I've gotten used to shooting RAW only with the M8 so the additional JPG files are just a nuisance. I hope this is changed in a firmware update.

The image quality is superb. If there's any doubt about "Leica Magic" being present on this camera, you can put those fears to rest. I can't explain it, but the files just seem to "pop" in a really lovely way. I was also amazed at the 1600 ISO performance.

I'll be shooting all day Saturday with the X1 in NYC so will truly have a better idea after the weekend of how I feel about it, so stay tuned!


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