I hate NX2!!

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Re: I hate NX2!!

All of this talk got me motivated enough to fuss around with my machine again, especially since it has been misbehaving lately.

Double click Windows Search (Sart> Control Panel> Administrative TOols> Services)

On the General tab, locate Startup type and select "disabled". Click apply then the stop button and then the OK. You will have to restart. I got these instructions from googling by the way.

Turned off "Index this drive for faster searching" in the properties page for the C drive and all of the other drives.

I'm running Vista on a quad core. SO far it has worked without crashing once and I just edited 30 or so images, selecting from View NX. I also performed adjustments within View without it crashing. Even opened up four images, one with heavy NR with no crash!
We'll see. I also have cache turned off.

For the heck of it, I disabled Remote Differential Compression in the Control Panel as well.
Jeff Smith

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