Shooting with available light - 1D IV with 70-200 Version II

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Re: Shooting with available light - 1D IV with 70-200 Version II

Thank you, what is remarkable to me that with the Mark IV and available light, this was very doable!

rwbaron wrote:
WOW! Great boxing shots.


steven limentani wrote:

forcefed wrote:


yeah sorry dude - didn't want to seem like that.. I just saw the main topic and got excited about seeing some shots really pushing this amazing camera.


I actually like the posted pics. On the issue of pushing the Mark is very, very pushable. I have shot up to ISO 12,500 with what I would consider reasonable results. Saturday night I shot boxing/MMA for the first time and wish I had pushed above ISO 4000 to get slightly faster shutter speed. AF in this lighting setting and all other aspects of the Mark IV were IMHO GREAT!


I love my MKIV, the more I use it the more I think its stunning. Since I've had it I've been working more, working harder and working with kit which leaves me happy.

my poor 50D sits rather forlornly in a side pocket of my bag.. just in case!

I used it in tandem with my MKIV a few weeks ago, and it was just odd - felt really slow. I feel like i've cheated on an old friend - my 50D helped me build up my client base now i've left it to sit all alone..

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