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Re: More Banding Sample .... Re: some banding sample

rondhamalam wrote:
I have the same problem

I posted here,

but will be clearer to put the picture links here in this thread

5D Mark II

100% crop 5D Mark II, banding

100% crop 5D Mark II, banding

I agree someone said here that you have great Ansel Adams style picture, a professional touch.

whoever said user error should observe more, not only from DPR but also from the entire world internet


semorg wrote:

I have more where it's even stronger and more visible. I even printed some and the banding shows on anything larger than 8X12 prints. One trick I found is introduce grain using silver effex to blend out the banding.

Unfortunately introducing grain doesn't fit me.

These were all shot on ISO 100. I usually expose to the very edge of right before blowing highlights so it's not like they were under exposed or anything.

Terrible example

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