Canon G11 Leather Case

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Re: Finally arrived...

I just received the same case but the male end of the mounting screw that attaches the case to the camera has a double start thread while my G11 only has a single start thread mount. It will start to go in sideways as one of the threads will catch and will go in far enough to work for now but I can’t really tighten it for fear or stripping a thread in my camera and it’s not level so even though the female end of the screw is a single start thread which works fine it makes the camera sit funny on a tripod. Are these screws easy to buy as I can replace the screw if I could find I place to buy a new one?

If I can fix that then the rest of the case is a steal. It cost me less then $20 to buy and ship it half way around the world; the leather looks real and is cut so the LCD screen doesn’t have any problems.

P.S. This is my first post here as my G11 is my first camera that isn’t attached to a cell phone. It’s kind of a test to see if I like photography and a place to start learning so you can assume I know nothing about tripod mounts incase I’m missing something basic here.

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