Im going to buy HS10 what els i need? Advice please.

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Im going to buy HS10 what els i need? Advice please.

Hi folks.

Im in australia.. ive ask for a deal price.. for example the HS10 cost 600.00 but if i ask nicely at a retail price what price could you do for me they will make it lets say 550.00 which is good enough i think. Most stores will not do this.. as they are fix price.... rediculours really.

Aniways i want to buy the HS10 camera. BUT what els do i need to spend? well how about a memory card for that? course it wont come with one.e. so how much more do i need to spend on a memory card for it?

For example i want to take between 100 and 200 high quality HD photos and perhaps 2 video clups of 2min long each. But i do not expect just videos clips.. So which card do i need to buy> ? how much do they cost ? i will need to buy this along witht he camera on the same day and not separate items els where.

Then i need to buy extra batteries? i know HS10 includes batteries.. but not sure how good they are.... so i might wish to buy RECHACHABLE BATTERIES.. whch means i must spend another amount to buy the charger for it....

So how much am i suppose to be looking at in total? lets say the camera is 550.00 how much more i must spend? i really hate to see a higher price obove 700 which is rediculours.

Please help me course i need memory card which i have no idea which one 4gb ? 8gb? and recharchable batteries.., and the charger which might cvost like 50bucks in australia.......

Aniways i do not buy anything online nor ebay.

Look forward to hear you and the quotes because i just just buy the camera and nothing els with that.

Dont worry about the bag... i can not imagine how much more i have to spend on the day which is crazzy.

take care. sandra xxox

PS EDIT: So camera cost 550.00 as a deal for me. Then i need MEMORY CARD & CHARGER & NEW RECHARCHABLE BATTERIES. and thats it. Chrger cost alot and not sure about the memory cards... simple 100 or 300 is enough photos to take in HD
Sandra in QLD

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