Help Me Decide on Panasonic Bodies...

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Help Me Decide on Panasonic Bodies...

So here's the dilemma. I have the following kit:

  • G1

  • GF1

  • 20mm f1.7

  • 14-45mm kit zoom

  • 45-200mm telephoto zoom.

I love the G1. It's been a great camera and I'm still learning lots about it 8 months after the purchase. I originally got the GF1 just to get the 20mm pancake and then decided to keep the GF1 for awhile to see how I liked it. It's been okay through the winter, but getting it outside has proven what many have said: the LCD is nearly useless in bright sunlight.

I thought about getting the LCD viewfinder, but it's $200 on top of an already expensive camera.

I enjoy having two bodies for the flexibility of having different lenses mounted and not having to swap (as much) in the field. Thing is, I now don't believe a rangefinder, view-finde-less camera is for me. I simply enjoy using the G1 EVF too much. Two bodies means I have an extra if one goes bad on a trip and I can also swap batteries if needs be.

Which brings me to the dilemma. The way I see it, I have several choices:

1. Sell the GF1 and get another G1 body. These can be had, new, for about $325 or so. Two G1 bodies and three lenses, a pretty good combo, netting me another body, excellent EVF and tilt-swivel LCD for about $125 over the cost of a GF1 EVF alone.

2. Sell the GF1 and get a G2, selling its 14-42 kit lens with the GF1 and gaining the touch screen and video that I would be losing with the sale of the GF1.

3. Sell the G1 AND the GF1 and get the G2, going with an all-in-one solution, keeping all of the lenses except for the 14-42mm kit lens from the G2.

You'll notice there's no GH1 option. Even though temping, I don't really need video THAT much. Though I've considered how nice that 14-140mm zoom would be, I've also considered that it would put me back in the trap of relying on a super-zoom, and one of the purposes of building a kit with basic lenses is to learn to shoot with different lenses, something I've been unwilling to do in the past and unable to afford. For the price of the GH1 I'd rather have the Vario 7-14mm UWA zoom (or even the Oly 9-18mm UWA zoom). Just me, but I think that would be far more productive for my learning experience than a super-zoom and soon to be replaced body.

If I were to go the two G1 route (Option #1) I might consider picking up a cheap LX3 to use as my point and shoot and video option camera OR, even wait and see what the LX4 (pr whatever they call the successor to the LX3) turns out to be.

Another tempting thing about Option 1 is that though nice, I'm not sure the G2 goes far enough as a model increment. Might be better to skip a generation.

So there you have it. I'm not interested in flaming responses from people who think having two bodies is ridiculous, not changing lenses is lazy or trolls who think Panasonic sucks and I should go with Brand "X". I'm interested in input from people who have faced the same dilemma and perhaps reached similar conclusions or even different conclusions and WHY.

Thanks, everyone!


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