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Enough already!

Your inexperience is really starting to pi$$ me off.

I shot 300 pics of fresh fish and related products for one of the world's largest fish exporters, NORPAC Industries. NORPAC has offices and major distribution points in China, Samoa, Hawaii and Seattle. They are so large that they have their own airline to fly product from Samoa to Honolulu and Seattle. Just so you know, most Tuna (Ahi) is caught in waters off Samoa. Sashimi grade Ahi's price almost equals the price of gold. NORPAC is a multi million dollar a year business.

It was NOTHING for them to sit an art director on a plane in Seattle and fly him to Honolulu to assist for a week's shoot. Nothing, pocket change. Get it?

If you're going to continue carping on things you know absolutely nothing about be prepared for the fallout Bucko. You are an ignorant amateur and should stop commenting on the work that professionals perform.

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