The New Leica 35mm f/1.4 Lens & Is "Optimized for Both digital/Film" Bodies

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Re: I don't understand this insane price hike!

BRJR wrote:

Some, in Europe are saying they're happy it isn't priced even higher (and, we all know it likely will be, starting within a year of release). Good thing I am finding about Leica lenses, is that you wisely select the ones you like; and, it can well last you for life --- long after the initial cost ---- in fact the ones I purchased in the past year actually cost substantially more now, for the exact same lenses. BRJR

Uluru wrote:

Was this refresh just a good excuse to hike the price of an otherwise one of few affordable lenses left in entire Leica's range? Is that why f1.4 is for?

No doubt, Leica seems awfully proud of their goods, as of late. Pricing power - when demand exceeds supply. And, knocks the riff-raff out of the running, I guess.

The up-side - is constantly higher new prices means solid values for existing owners - & for Leica, encourages buying ASAP - as the price will only be even higher, later - lol.


ps. the best thing about a 35 Lux, or Cron, & a M9, or film M (FF) - it could easily be the only lens you ever need.
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