Any M9 Concert shooters?

Started May 19, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Any M9 Concert shooters?

Wanted to see if anyone was using the M9 for concert photography work. I'm a Canon shooter, and am used to being at ISO 3200+, however, have always been intrigued by the rangefinders and will probably rent a rig to do my own evaluation but wanted to post and get some other's impressions.

Obviously some/most/all of the iconic concert photography has been done with M's, however, due to $$$ of the body plus $$$$$$$$ of a Noctilux, I have not gone down that path. The other issues I was wondering about were:

1. Low light focus... zone, hyperfocal, or actual. Which works and is critical focus achievable w/ moving subjects and using the viewfinder lines.

2. Telephoto. Currently the 50/1.4 and 70-200 are my friends but the real love seems to flow from the 24/1.4, 135/2, and 400/5.6. Obviously the 400 is out, the 135 at the edge, and superlative 50's and 21-24/1.4's. How do you deal with large/deep stages and/or get tight portraits from the pit with the system. Clubs, theaters, and other venues with a closer working distance do not present the same problem and it seems much more viable.

3. DoF. The compromise between ISO 6400 125/2 vs. ISO 1200 125/.95. Need the shutterspeed to stop subject motion, not shake so there is a material DoF difference to maintain and was wondering about hit rate with such a shallow margin (combo of #1 & #2 above).

Truly appreciate the thoughts/perspective as it always helps to hear/see the experiences of others. Thanks.

Drive-By Truckers image from the Dark Side just to show what I am dealing with in terms of light and expectations (not particularly meaningful due to web/JPEG/posted size, etc. but rather for general perspective).

ISO 8000 24mm 1/125 f2.0

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