PC vs. Mac...does it really matter for photographers?

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Re: I'm contradictory only in your mind

mamallama wrote:

Look at the number of posts in the Mac and PC forums. If Mac usage by photographers was 10%, why is the breakdown of the number of posts 53%-47% (259,736 PC, 233,731 Mac, as of this post) ?

Are you trying to distort the published numbers that Macs only have about 10% of the market? Get real.

I'm asking you why, if Macs are just 10% of the market, that it's about 50-50 on DPReview? Wouldn't it be something a lot closer to 90-10?

Macs have 10% overall, but specific areas are much higher. Go visit any ad agency and you more than likely will see Macs. Visit a law office and it's almost guaranteed you will not. Different tools for different jobs.

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