F30 died - please suggest replacement

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F30 died - please suggest replacement

My much beloved Fuji F30 just died. Just in case my attempt tonight at open heart surgery fails, what is the best camera available today (of any brand) to replace it with? My first thought was to buy an F31fd on ebay, but to tell the truth, I really want to have HD movie capability. The F30 movies aren't bad, but there's no IS and they're not HD.

So, here's my short list:
1) Pocketable size.

2) Low-noise sensor. I'm used to an F30, after all (my bigcamera is a Nikon D300, btw)
3) Good HD movie mode with IS (don't care either way about IS for stills, btw)
4) Zoom lens (doesn't have to be 30x. A 4x zoom is fine)
5) Built-in flash (for fill-in purposes)

Frankly, I don't see buying a new model Fuji to replace it. Fuji just hasn't followed through on its promising start, appearing to play the marketing game of megapixels and features over image quality.

Size-wise, the Canon G10 is about as bulky as I'm willing to go, so that leaves out the Panasonic GF1 and all the exchangable lens (micro 4/3s) cameras, unfortunately. The Sony NEX-5 appears to have a great movie mode, but alas, it also is too big.

The Canon S90 almost makes the cut, but its movie mode is 640x480 (same as G10, btw).

It seems the venerable Panasonic DMC-LX3 is the only one making the cut. It's a bit long in the tooth, though, so perhaps there's something better out or soon to be out?

Thanks in advance,

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