Want an E-510 with better DR/high ISO?

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Re: Jose,

Cynops wrote:

Josegaut wrote:

I know it doesn't look "serious" in the hands of a skilled photographer but think about it, it could do wonders for your style of photography. It's the final result that counts, not the tool

I agree with this, but when you go from one camera to another, it's just better to get the (almost) same ergonomics, at leats if the cameras are from the same manufacturer... The pl1, while customizable and useable, is just a 4/3 cam with a compact µ-series ergonomics, and it s*cks !

Personally, I'm impressed with most of the samples I have seen so far, even at higher iso.

I'm quite impressed too. However, keep in mind that there's abolutely no latitude with those files : noise will creep from iso 200 onwards if you do the slightest processing, even on your raws.

For ooc jpegs at any iso, it may be the best cam ever, (and the samples show that to an extent), but for some basic pp, i'm really not sure.

I'll have to respectfully disagree with you there, there is plenty of latitude for PP on the E-PL1 raw's. I have some very aggressive presets in lightroom which really push the boat out and the PL1 raws respond better than my E-30 raw files on a lot of occasions and the noise is definitely less (despite what DXOmark say).

On the same basis, i consider the e30 to be an iso100 only cam - just too noisy above with the stupid tone curve shift. Or get the exposure spot on, and use it up to iso2000.

Got to disagree again but it's all subjective, neither of us are necessarily wrong.

I think we're hitting the peak of the 4/3 sensor here...

Ditto above- not sure about that yet.


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