E-PL1: How the *&#@ do you get the *&#@ SD card out??

Started May 15, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: I had the same problem at first...

Paraphrasing the line from My Cousin Vinny, I guess the laws of physics work differently in your house than mine.

Tom Hoots wrote:

Yes, I can pry the card out with my fingernail like that, but since I'm not actually "holding" the card in any way, once it finally gives way and pops out of the slot, it absolutely goes flying into the air, subsequently falling on the floor.

Let me tell you, I just spent ninety bucks on a Patriot 32-gig Class 10 card, and that thing has already hit the floor a couple of times. That's what really pushed me into starting this thread....

Tom Hoots

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