BEST dynamic range at ISO X at YOUR dslr?!

Started May 18, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Base ISO

The base ISO (recommend/default/lowest that isn't an extended low setting) always has the highest dynamic range. Most Canon's this is 100, many (but not all) nikons and the higher end sony's this is 200. Many medium format digitals will be 50. Some P&S will be 80 or 64.

Going above (or below, such as on a canon using the extended ISO range to go to 50 ISO) will either be (in simplified terms) over-driving or under powering the sensor, in these cases the sesnor is not performing at it's optimum and will not have the most dynamic range. You can see this for any sensor at the DXO Mark Sensor test. While I have some issue with the way they do their tests, if you go to the "dynamic range" tab for any sensor comparison you will see how dynamic range degrades at higher ISOs.

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