Want an E-510 with better DR/high ISO?

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Re: Want an E-510 with better DR/high ISO?

Gregm61 wrote:

papillon_65 wrote:

Then take a good hard look at the E-PL1. I'm deadly serious, I've just received mine and it blows my E-30 out of the water for sharpness. I will be posting a review on my blog in due course but I've got to tell you, the sensor in this camera is like the E-510 sensor on steroids. I always liked the sharpness on the E-510 but the DR was lacking. The E-PL1 sensor has better DR, sharpness and high ISO performance and I much prefer it to the sensor on the E-30. I will do some side by side tests and comparisons when I get time but I am mightily impressed by the improvements on the new sensor. If it is in the next E-series model I think it will be very popular.

...and that's the rub...this type sensor technology has to be put in a camera with a finder that'll allow me to follow something moving faster than a slow walk, and give it DSLR controls, which I assume means the next DSLR. It can't just be a camera that's been half-way done right one way or the other.

I take your point Greg and for your type of shooting a DSLR is obviously a better bet. I can say that the AF is surprisingly snappy even using the kit lens and the camera has the supercontrol panel just like the DSLR's. I think the user interface is pretty good, not as fast as dials and buttons but not far off when you are familiar with it.

warning my posts often contain humour,if you do not understand this concept look it up in the dictionary.

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