How many continuous JPEG shots can the GH1 take using the latest firmware?

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Re: Those funny Imaging Resource test results...

EXR wrote:

I just noticed another few things that seem to influence continuous shooting on the GH1.

One is the "intelligent exposure", the other the face recognition (which isn´t present on the G1)

With both things turned off, you can increase the JPEG-bursts to about 14-16 frames at full speed.

Especially the intelligent exposure has quite an influence, I´m not 100% sure about the face recognition, because the camera isn´t 100% consistent, slowing down after about 9-12 frames but I think with face recognition the chance is higher to get 12 frames (even when no faces are in the image)

But this doesn´t influence RAW-shooting, still just 4 images at full speed.

Oh this is interesting. I suppose the less processing work the camera has to do, the more shots it is capable of getting off. I wonder if there are other options that can be tweaked or disabled to increase performance.

IR did mention that certain scenes are more difficult to compress than others, so maybe shooting a very simple scene would result in a higher JPEG or RAW performance.

It's too bad about the 4 frame RAW limit and slow clearing speed though. It's a bit mysterious as even the very old Olympus E-series are capable of stronger RAW performance, even the E620 is capable of 5 RAW frames which clear in a mere 3 seconds. So it doesn't seem like the limitation is with the sensor. Hopefully the GH2 will show some improvement in this area.

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