Canon 9000MKII ink usage

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Re: Nice to meet another potential OCP user here...

Ditto for me. When I first began using the 13 in wide Canon printers a decade ago I tried various 3rd party inks (the cost for replacement carts is obscene!)--after a few disasters I polled the forums as you have just done. I used MIS ink for several years and having observed the increased popularity for OCP inks switched over last year. The cost of this fine ink is about 1/2 that of the other fine inks:

This earlier post fragment of mine should aid you in getting setup:

Among the good inks you can pay over a 3:1 range; $11-32/pint
For the good auto/manual reset chips the range is: $2-13/chip

If you choose manual reset chips or just want to reset your OEM carts after refilling expect to pay $12-39 for the resetter.

Here are several sites to explore: OCP ink and more ink,carts,chips and more ink,carts,chips and more
MIS ink,carts,chips and more
Hobbicolors ink,carts,chips and more
Image Specialists ink,carts,chips and more
Precision Colors inks inks & more

Next, you will need a profiling setup to optimize the ink-paper-printer color results or use a 3rd party to generate profiles for you.

For a head start on this topic I recommend that you review the posts on this site and the inkjet Printer Forum site. Definitely read Bob P's post of Feb 7, I just 're-found' it today. I and others have been using/trying to use/mis-using the Datacolor Spyder 3 with varying degrees of success/failure.

It's somewhat discouraging for a serious hobbyist that a reliable color profiler can cost 3-4+ times that of a quality photo inkjet printer. An economical alternative can be the 3rd party profilers, 2 of whom posted on the Feb 7 post. I'm certain many others would respond to your request on this forum.

good luck irv weiner

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