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Re: SanDisk Extreme III

Class on SDHC cards points the minimum write speed in ideal conditions (freshly formatted card).... However some chinese made cards are either from a 'ghost' schedule (with left overs) or simply low grade clone stamped copies...

'Normal' SD cards might be faster than SDHC hi-speed cards even if nothing is stated on SD cards, this is because SD card speed was not defined by specification (my, now dead, old 2Gb microSD Card from sandisk had a real writing speed of 6MB/s!)

SD Association defined the classes and the minimum requirements, each brand has to pay royalties to make the cards and has to respect the specification.

You can check for more info here:

For most of compact cameras or mobile phones Class 4 is enough.

As an example, my 4Gb Kingston Class 4 Micro SDHC card gives me almost 8MB/s of writing speed when using my built in card reader on laptop, and gives me around 5-6MB/s when using the supplied USB card reader... This values are for a single HUGE file (GBs)... if i copy thousands of tiny files (KBs) the speed drops to around 4MB/s on built in car reader, and in USB card reader can go into somethings lower than 1MB/s

Most of the times, it's the reader and not the card that greatly limits the speed!

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