Anyone w/experience of moving from SX1 to dSLR?

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Anyone w/experience of moving from SX1 to dSLR?

Hi, all:

I posted a related question in the 550D - 300D forum, but wanted to get the "other side". Here's my dilemma:

I've been a very satisfied SX1 IS user since they were first released overseas - my wife imported one for me before we knew it was coming to the US - and despite its shortcomings, I've learned to take advantage of its strengths and work around its weaknesses. I love the versatility of the camera, but am finally looking to move to a dSLR (specifically, the T2i/550D) and want your experience/opinions.

Incidentally, I still have an S2 IS and I carry my A570 IS everywhere I go.

The thing that I know that I'll miss the most in leaving my SX1 will be the articulating LCD - I use it quite often for those hard-to-reach angles - but I also feel like I will be gaining quite a bit by moving "up" to the T2i.

Looking over my years of using the SX1, I've also realized that I don't zoom as much as I used to; I tend to compose my shots wide and would love the ability to go even wider.

My wife has a 30D and a plethora of lenses - she uses the Canon 10-22mm and a Sigma 105mm macro the most - and has assured me that I can use her lenses too. ::wink::

Here's my current plan, though it may evolve as time/input comes:

1. Sell my SX1 along with a few other accessories,

2. Keep my S2 and my A570 for backup/pocket cameras,

3. Buy a T2i and the 28mm 1.8 prime lens for everyday/walkaround,

My question is (among the many others that I have) - have users who have moved on from the SX1 missed anything in particular? I've already mentioned that I'll miss the articulating LCD, and though I don't use the long end of the zoom much, I think that I MIGHT miss the option of having the zoom (though I'll have access to a telephoto zoom lens from my wife's kit). I know that I'll still have HD video (I'm particularly excited about the 60fps at 720p) so that's a relief.

I'm wondering if my hesitation is only because I don't like giving up cameras?

What do you think about my plan? I'd appreciate any advice/input that you folks have.


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