Want an E-510 with better DR/high ISO?

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Re: Want an E-510 with better DR/high ISO?

PhotoHawk wrote:

If you skate over to dcresource.com compare the night shots of SF at ISO 800 between the e30 and EPL1 you can see quite a difference. Granted in order to be truly scientific the shots should be on the same night etc etc. But notice the detail - EPL-1 is a bit better, the noise control is markedly better at ISO 800 (look at the sky or the water) and above for the EPL-1 and the tendency to blow highlights (see the sign on the bank building) is better with the EPL-1 as well.

Which is pretty much what I think we should expect - the EPL-1 is 14 months newer and had some pretty good resources on its development.

So come Photokina we get to see what this technology will perform like in a new 4/3's body. And I'll bet we will get slightly better performance than we see here plus some interesting bells and whistles. I was going to get the E-30 but I think I'll wait. But I really do like the feel of the E-30 and the performance exceeds what I need. So I may break down and get one anyway. They appear to be a good price right now.
Enjoy your EPL-1 its looks like quite a camera!

Thanks, I'm going to shoot both on a tripod, same scene and compare the differences, I'm pretty sure there will be no surprises from what I have seen already and the focusing is also pretty snappy on the PL1 with the firmware upgrade. Low light focusing has been pretty good as well, better than I thought.

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