G1 interference with Cactus V4 triggers

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Re: Solution: G1 interference with Cactus V4 triggers

bernizt wrote:

cftarnas wrote:

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I have a solution to the interference problem with the G1 and the Cactus V4 triggers:

I used a hotshoe to PC cord adapter. I mounted the trigger on the adapter and the adapter on the camera and plugged it all in (making sure NOT to make any coils in the cord that were horizontal). Also, very important, make sure the trigger's antenna is upright. If the antenna is horizontal the signal is radiated much stronger towards the sensor. From testing it also appears the PC cord acts as an antenna as well so I made sure that most of it was oriented vertically.

After doing this, all interference banding is gone (even when cranking up underexposed raw files in LR).

Take care though, if the antenna does fall down to a horizontal position, it will cause interference. I ended up taping mine in place.

I hope this helps others.

So I could use this to trigger the Cactus V4 without issues??

Or rather this?

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