Very strange SDM problem - anyone experience this?

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Very strange SDM problem - anyone experience this?

I was out with my K20d and the DA*50-135 today, and everything was going well. After a few shots, I needed a wider angle, so I attached my DA17-70. All went well. On my way home, I stopped for another shot, and the DA 17-70 would no longer work. I was sure that it must be the lens, so I attached the 50-135 again, and that did not work either. So I tried the DA35 mm Ltd and everything was fine.

At home, I took a closer look, and then I noticed what I had not noticed in the bright sunlight: the top LCD display was blinking like mad - not flashing regularly as it will normally do, e.g. if the camera is turned on with the lens cap on the lens, but sort of "sindering". If I tilt the camera downwards away from me I can also see the gray unlit LCD characters; those are blinking like mad too.

Here's a strage fact: if I attach a non-SDM lens, the blinking stops and I can no longer see the unlit characters blinking!

Both lenses work perfectly on the K-7. And here's a funny thing: only the 50-135 will now work on the K20d, and then only intermittently, with characters in the top LCD sort of "pulsating rapidly" for lack of a better description. The DA17-70 won't work at all on the K20d, but, as said earlier, is fine on the K-7.

The only thing I can think of is that one of the lens contacts on the camera is getting a poor touch with the corresponding camera contact.

I thought of using the search feature here, but could not think of a proper search phrase.

I have cleaned the contacts on both lenses and camera (although there can't be anything wrong with the lens contacts, since both lenses work on the K-7).

I have heard of lens-related SDM problems, but never of camera related SDM problems.

Any ideas? Anyone know which contact on the camera has to do with the SDM activation (I can probably hunt this down, but if anyone knows that would save time.

Thanks in advice for any information.

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