Some of the best macro pics ive ever seen with m43

Started May 15, 2010 | Discussions thread
PhillipA Veteran Member • Posts: 5,505
Keep in mind that 1:1 on M4/3

...means that an object only 17mm x 13mm covers the full sensor area, whereas on (35mm) full-frame bodies it would only cover 1/4 of the sensor. An object 36mm x 24mm covers the sensor area at 1:1 on full-frame DSLRs. This gives the 4/3 rig the same effect as 2:1 magnification on full frame.

kiri wrote:

Did he ONLY use a GF1 and the 45mm macro lens for these???
If so, its really incredible!!

But I wouldn't have thought it possible to get that much magnification with that lens... Some of these look to be much greater than 1:1 no?

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