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Re: Still Amazed You Are Comparing An E-10

William C wrote:
Alan Smallbone

By the way enjoyed your photographs very much. You captured the
beauty of the area.

I was amazed how little noise compared to my E-10 at ISO320.

I was shocked when I read that. I was an E-10 owner who moved
from a D-30 then D-60, the biggest reason for the move was the E-10
was the noise. Can you even compare photos of the E-10 at ISO80
with that of D-30/D-60 at ISO100? Come on what did you except
at higher ISOs.

What surprises me with the D-60 at night you can get photographs
to look like they were shot during the day, with long exposures
and no noise. E-10 could never come close to that.

That is what I meant, the E-10 was so noisey. the picture I was copmapring it to was a shot that was 9 sec. at iso800 with the d60 and what I was trying to say is that even at a much lower iso setting the E-10 had by far much more noise, with even less exposure time. Sorry if I was not clear in my explanation. I think the D60 is amazing. the E-10 was good for what it was, at its time, there is no way I would go back.

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