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So typical for a DPR response

There are possibly 3 professionally acceptable shots in the OPs 35 shot post. I posted a shot of mine to illustrate a better, more acceptable commercial approach; that is if you're actually employed as a commercial photographer.

You find fault with my shot. Fine. I asked you to supply one of your own commercial shots to correct me, show me the error of my approach. What do I get? More BS from someone who has never shot professionally in his life.

Good luck to you my friend! Please continue spouting things you've read online as if you have any real personal experience. I would stand corrected if you were able to produce a single image of yours that betters mine and if you were able to explain why.

btw, Pros use terms like "served its purpose" because that describes the outcome of a professional shoot. In other words the terms and expectations of the assignment were met.

I would still like to see one of your better shots that illustrates just how badly I missed the mark. Of course, you can't supply one...you're not a professional photographer.
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