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Get closer or get longer lens

RustyRus wrote:

Have really stated enjoying going out and doing some night shots. Technique is rather poor at this stage but really looking to improve. I’m going to post a few shots and if any of you more experienced guys could assist I would appreciate it.

Please comment on crop, PP (very minor) ISO, aperture and shutter. Curious if you guys think a wider aperture with a shorter shutter would have helped at all. I thought I had ISO set to 100 but it was on Auto for the first few shots.

Is ISO 100 generally best in these situations?

The last picture was a rush job. Pulled up and parked and fireworks started going off. Heavily cropped because there was a midget (yes midget) sitting in the way that I could not see because it was so dark.

Thanks to any that respond

And try to use the rule of thirds when cropping, put the horizon at the lower one third line unless you have some interesting detail in the water. The sky is generally more interesting especially with clouds being illuminated from below by city lights.

I shoot most of my night shots in AV mode at F8 with EC dialed in for effect. EC is usually -1 to -2 to give a more realistic night image. And NR is almost always disabled.

Also, always turn off IS when you're shooting from a tripod.

The last shot came out pretty good, cropping came out better in spite of the obstacle you mentioned.

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