Now a good time to buy a sony?

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Re: Now a good time to buy a sony?

nathaniel m wrote:

I'm starting my system and I really like that I will save a few hundred per lens to not have to get in lens stabilization. I also really like the 7fps on the 550 and i've tried out the menus and i really like the way it feels (minus the cheepo plastic on top). However, I keep hearing "video soon" and "sony leaving/not leaving". So, end question is, is now a good time to buy or will i regret it? wait til photokina? a whole different company? (probably the wrong question to ask on the sony forum, but may as well)

Now is as good (or bad) time to start with Sony as any other....

About Sony leaving the DSLR market, this is highly unlikely for the near future. They said in many interviews that they will stay in this market, new cameras are on the way.

When you want video, maybe betteer high ISO etc. and you can wait, wait....

But when you want to take photographs now go for the camera you like. The A550 is a very good camera, with very nice functions.

There is one big advice I want to give you:

Go for the camera that handles the best for YOU! So try all kind and brands of cameras in the shop and go for the one that handles best for you! Sony A700 is the camera I liked the best and still it is the best camera I ever handled, for me.

When you don't have A-mount lenses yet you can go for any brand. IBIS is nice but lenses with stabilisation from the camera brands (like Canon or Nikon) are not that much more expensive then Sony lenses without. But third party lenses (like Sigma and Tamron) that is a different story.

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