How will and how should M4/3 respond to NEX

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You are probably right

setmajer wrote:

Sure, but I own both and the GR-D has considerably less area next to LCD. It really is tiny compared to the GF1, just laid out better and more attention to detail.

I'll take your word (and that of many others who are positive to this aspect of the Ricohs) for it. It's good to hear there is scope for improvement even on a small camera body.

Ultimately, it's the lenses that decide what size the camera will be. Put a zoom lens
on the NEX and it doesn't look as slim and neat anymore.

Indeed, but with a smaller body you have the option of using a small lens

I think it's too early to judge the NEX. The 16mm is small, but we need a review to judge what optical compromises were taken to make it small. I'd want to see more lenses for it to get an idea how small it can be in general.

Or I can attach a larger zoom (early reviews indicate the grip on the NEX might make larger zooms more manageable than on the GF1).

Even the modest 18-55 looks out of place on the small body.

Or I can put the body in one jacket pocket and the zoom in another and only assemble when I want to shoot.

Reminds me, I wonder if Sony have a good solution against dust. The one they have in their DSLRs doesn't seem to be comparable to µ43's SSWF.

That said, the NEX itself probably isn't for me. I bought a VAIO 10 years ago and when it needed service I had to ship it off to a corporate service center for 4 months. Between that, their obsession with proprietary connectors and formats, and restrictive DRM technologies I swore I'd never buy another Sony.

I hear you.

My relation to Samsung is a bit tense after buying a mind-boggingly crappy DVD/HDD recorder of theirs. Makes you think twice next time.

Regarding Sony and more specifically cameras, I find the habit of the current product planners of making "upgrades" that lose many of the features of the models they replace (probably as a means to upsell people) detrimental to my confidence of them. If I find a NEX at the right price with the right features, will I be able to get an upgrade at a similar price in the future without losing features I've grown accustomed to?

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