For a 8 year old boy suggest - 1000 D, 500 D or 550 D

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Re: Canon G10 or G9, G11, etc.

To the OP.

We can all make our recommendations but only you know what your son is capable of handling. You're talking about an autofocus DSLR and in the "green box" mode acts pretty much like a point and shoot. Your son's initial steps will be learning to frame, locking focus and holding the camera steady. I have a friend with an 8 or 9 year old daughter who takes excellent shots with his DSLR.

In 1987 when I got my first Mac, I taught my then 3 year old to play "Reader Rabbit" and other games. So kids are capable of learning more that we think sometimes.

Bottom line, I say go for it. I know you'll make sure he understands that he needs to take care of it.

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