D90 vs D5000

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D90 vs D5000 vs D200

When I was deciding over the D90 vs D500 12mth ago I also considered a 2nd Hand D200. They where same price as a D500 then. You could probably pick out up with under 10,000 SR for much less than new D500 now. It has more obvious differences to the D90 or D500 and offerers another tangible cheaper solution.

I went with a D90 I prefer the handling. Most the other benefits have not yet been beneficial. I think I would have been happy with the D500 or D200. I don't think you can read too much into it the variations are hard to value in general terms.

PS: I hear the rumour the D90 will be upgrade soon on this forum. I doubt it will be much of an upgrade because there does not seem like an obvious technology filter down yet. If the D90 get too great a make over it will cripple the D300s. Unless the D90+ ends up the premium DX and the D300s+ ends up the entry FX with the D700+ getting the D3s sensor as a portable D3s.

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