micro: what will Canon do ??

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Re: Canon have GOT to have something up their sleeve

I think that the Sony is an interesting addition to the market and I don't think that there's any doubt that it'll sell in a growing market segment.

I a amazed by the negative comments about MFT..

"MFT and Samsung had just horrible IQ"

"the Micro FT cannot do ti because of horribly noisy Panny sesnors."

These comments make me wonder if the people making them have looked at the images or more importantly tried a MFT for themselves. On other forums there are people who've sold their entire high end DSLR kits and gone MFT and the shots they post are stunning.

I have a GF1 with 20mm f1.7 and I can say that without a doubt it's the best non SLR digital camera I've ever tried. I shoot RAW and I'm more than happy with the results and for those who like fiddle the files can take an awful lot of post capture processing and cropping without falling apart.

I've no doubt the MFT and other "compact" cameras are here to stay and that they'll capture a growing percentage of market share.

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