More signs of Nikon MILC ('mirrorless') plans

Started Feb 24, 2010 | Discussions thread
aliquis New Member • Posts: 16
Re: More signs of Nikon MILC ('mirrorless') plans

But it's not free of advantages and if you want to look at everything in a negative way then shutter lag would ruin it all anyway because when it happens and you push the button it's too late anyway ...

Also I guess using EVF, no mirror and electronical shutter you don't have to flip any mirror before catching the image which could give shorter shutter lag than if you see something in the viewfinder, pull up the mirror, open up the shutter, ...

I just think it's people held back by the things they know which will complain. An EVF can give 100% coverage, show current WB settings, zoom for manual focus, show true DOF and shutter time blur, work for filming, and so on.

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