A message to the m4/3 crowd

Started May 11, 2010 | Discussions thread
Andy Crowe Senior Member • Posts: 1,587
What's new?

4/3rds sensors have always come 2nd place in terms of noise handling to APS sensors. It was the same with the original Olympus and Panny DSLRs and it's still the same now.

Noise is only one part of photography tho, you have sharpness (m4/3 has made good progress in this regard), lenses (some great m4/3 lenses out including the 20mm f1.7, so you can balance worse high iso performance with much larger apertures) and overall handling (NEX seems to be lacking in the control department for me)

I'd go as far as saying I'd be put off by the NEX's lack of controls. I actually consider the NX more of a 4/3rds competitor than the NEX right now.

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