M4/3s owners - opinions on NEX3 and NEX5?

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Re: M4/3s owners - opinions on NEX3 and NEX5?

I have no interest in either Sony.

For me, m4/3 is a compromise between size and quality, and a very good compromise at that. If I want higher quality, I'll use my Nikon D700.

To me, my GF-1 has excellent quality for it's size and if I had to choose between a little more quality, but forced to use Sony's controls and interface, I wouldn't. For me, the tactile shooting experience counts for something. Heck, I use my LX-3 often because it's fun and I don't always need higher quality.

Not everybody is after "ultimate quality". I mean, how can they be in a small format? Even my D700 is underpowered against medium-format equipment.

Not to mention the looks of the Sony cameras, which I find unattractive. And yes, the looks of a camera are important to me, especially when the image quality is so close. I just love picking up and using my GF-1.

The Sonys coming out hasn't lessened the quality I'm getting from my GF-1, nor my enthusiasm. If I had to choose today, I'd still go with the Panny. In fact, I'm thinking about getting a G2 in a few months, but wouldn't buy a Sonys for half the asking prices.

It's just a hobby to me (a hobby of about 40 years) and I'm having fun with it - just my opinion.

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