ACR vs Lightroom 3 b2 vs Sony Raw converter

Started May 12, 2010 | Discussions thread
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ACR vs Lightroom 3 b2 vs Sony Raw converter


I am a jpeg guy but have recently trying to shoot Raw with my A300.

With the Sony Raw converter (Image Data Converter SR) I get results similar and often better than with "out of the camera jpegs."

Lightroom gives me almost the same results as the Sony Raw converter but more possibilities


Adobe Camera Raw (Version 6) in PS5 gives me strange results.
To bright pictures with "wrong" colors.

With the Sony Converter and Lightroom its fast easy to get a god result but with ACR it takes a LOT more work to get the colors and exposure right.

So the simple answer would be: "Hey, you suck on ACR, use the others instead!"

But I am curios to know what my problem could be and I really like the interface in ACR

Anyone with ideas?

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