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Re: Just the start of Round Two

SF Photo Gal wrote:

Now Sony has kicked things up a bit with a really new design and I think this marks the start of Round Two. I see the NEX as the iPhone of cameras. So now it will be interesting to see how Panasonic and Olympus respond for the next round! It will be a fascinating time. GAME ON.

i kind of agree that Sony has the marketing clout and perhaps it has an established consumer identity that might allow it to sell the NEX by the bucketloads when it comes out.

sony products arent always the best, but its brand name in itself is one thing that sways many uninformed customers.

similar to the iphone i think, which isnt the BEST smartphone around, but the brand name itself has made it THE phone for everyone to want one.

its going to bring interchangeable lenses photography to the masses with its brute marketing force.

then again, all these are just predictions, as the products themselves havent even been launched to the public yet.

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