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Re: Easy Fix to Not See the Ads

Great! But who wants to be reading a billboard a foot or so from your face with text an inch high. Not a very good solution in my mind. The ads on the right don't worry me, you get them in Google, just what is the great problem?

Fave Photog wrote:

Most browsers allow you to enlarge or zoom in on the screen. In Firefox you hold down the CTRL key as you press the + key. Each time you hit the + key, the page zooms in more. Simply zoom it in until you see only the text of the forum you are reading/participating in and say GOODBYE to those annoying ads that keep flashing and moving and distracting the heck out of everyone!

It works great on monitors of all ratios...3:4, 9:16, etc. To zoom out, simply hold the CTRL key and hit the - key. This new site design is a blessing in disguise!

Phil has tossed out for consideration paying the monetary amount of $25USD/year to be able to block the ads. Why pay anything when you don't see the ads to begin with?

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