HS10 better then the pentax x90? Questions!

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HS10 better then the pentax x90? Questions!

Dear Users. I was checking out quickly the Fujitsufilm HS10 digital camera.

I have some basic questions and i would like to understand and know a few things.

1# Its 2010 and now there are cameras that claims to have 14megapixels... But this HS10 is only a 10megapixel. Does megapixel number makes of any different when it comes to brillian quality images ?

2# This HS10 if im not mistaken is only MANUAL zoom lens.. which means i have to zoom the lens with my fingers because it will not do digital zooming. Know please correct me if im mistaken. But why on a modern digital camera like this model only has manual zoom ? i think manual zoom is old classic technology.

3# Will this HS10 model camera will turn any photos into a high tech profetional look alike photos? just imagine these magazines with nice brilliant blue sky with that beautiful wide angle images and that as you know profetional images would have to look very profetional just like in thier travel magazines instead of the ordinary image looks. Please correct me on this as i have no idea.

4# This HS10 model does not come with a special battery for it.. So it only use normal batteries that you can buy at the shop and throw them later. But is it better for a camera to have thier own special baterry or these with these standard baterrys ?

5# If you where to compare the PENTAX X90 vs Futjitsufilm HS10 what are the differents on them both?

Oh though i see this HS10 Camera quite cheap. thats why i love it.. its sorta kinder large then the pentax... But i dont no...

I love this camera because it is 30x zoom but depends how quality the zoom is. and i love this camera because tis a huge 3.0 sizes LCD screen. Oh though i dont like a camera to be anything bigger then the hs10 because i like them small but not too small... something not too heavy either.

I would love to hear from you. and it would be fantastic to know a few questions from 1 to 5 if anyone is keen to help me.

please take care and happy photo shooting.


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