5D mk II pattern noise vs Topaz denoise

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Re: 5D mk II pattern noise vs Topaz denoise

jsmiller wrote:

Andre Affleck wrote:

The thing is, pattern noise is real and documented by many people. How you get it or how you document it is not important. Undersanding why and when it happens, and what to do about it is.

Your last two sentences are inconsistent with one another. It is important to document when and how you get it and to understand why it happens and what to do about it. They are all part of the same thing. Since you don't own the camera, you really don't have any direct, personal experience about any of this, but are completely dependent on what others post here.

I don't own the camera either. I keep seeing the same pictures posted again and again- the boy at the microphone, the very underexposed church front, the very underexposed grass next to a tree, and a few others- that illustrate the problem. Note that I don't say that it doesn't exist, though many say their camera doesn't show it. I do not have any sense if this is a universal problem that only requires certain exposure parameters to be revealed or is limited to certain copies of the camera. I suspect, from all that I have rad, that it could be there on all copies, but in varying degrees. It will not stop me be from buying a 5D II, which I am about to. I don't normally expose in ways that would reveal it, and if my copy is particularly bad I will return it. But the posts from people that actually own the camera and can document how and underwhat conditions the banding occurred are most helpful to me.

I have not seen any evidence that there are any "banding-free" 5D2 cameras. Every surrendered RAW capable of showing banding (IOW, having very dark areas) has banding.

You can see it, if you try to take advantage of the 5D2's alleged DR. Green scenes or green lighting are worst. Magenta is better because that is the natural color balance (digital camera "white"), causing minimal chromaticity in the banding.

Canon keeps announcing greater DR with each new camera, but it never comes. DR at high ISOs may be increasing, but it is not improving at low ISOs where DR is most significant and useful.

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