Circular reflector size?

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Re: Circular reflector size?

abhijitsarkar wrote:


I am planning to invest on a Photoflex silver/gold circular reflector. The golden question is what size, 12" or 22", is better for personal use (not a studio photographer) and travel?
Thanks for helping me out.

Well, the real question is how are you going to use the reflector.

If you only want to use it for facial fill lighting, then you might get away with the 12" size [which is still pretty small].

If you want to use it for fill lighting a larger area, then you'll probably need the 22" or even larger size.

Perhaps you could test various reflector sizes before buying. Just take some white foam board [or cardboard covered with aluminum foil] cut to various sizes and try them out to see what size works best for what you want to accomplish.

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