A message to the m4/3 crowd

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Re: A message to the m4/3 crowd

duckling wrote:

It's painful, isn't it?

A new camera is announced with a larger sensor, unreal cleanliness at ISOXXXX (you may add another X for good measure), a wonderful display and to top it all it's smaller, much smaller, than your camera. You feel betrayed by the manufacturer of your gear. You feel frustrated, even stupid.

That's the sad part. Two "micro four thirds killers" later, they still haven't managed it. Both have larger sensors - to my eye in any of the balanced comparisons neither manages better high ISO (though the Sony is better than the Samsung.)

The only one where Sony walks away is the (recently repeatedly posted here, presumably by trolls) RAW comparison. But Sony announced a couple years ago that they had improved the performance of their new Alpha cameras - by doing noise reduction on RAW files. So that comparison is as unfair as the ones that were showing distortion on micro four thirds by using RAW converters that don't comply with the specification.

There are some interesting features in the Sony - especially the HDR and motion blur scene modes. I'll have to try it in person to see, but the UI looks like a serious pain. And they are missing all of the serious options - EVF, remote flash/big on camera flash. It doesn't even look like it'll be stable on most tripods (tripod socket on a tiny surface below the bottom of the camera.) Not to mention that it is seriously ugly to my eye, and awkward looking to hold.

It'll be interesting to see if either company can build a serious contender - but as of now, based on the reviews I'm pretty well convinced that neither has. Of course, Sony could change it all when the NEX7 shows at Photokina. They have the technology and know-how to make a better camera - this just isn't it.

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