A message to the m4/3 crowd

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Re: A message to the m4/3 crowd


If you will allow me to edit your post and highlight the following points (rearranged)...

duckling wrote:

Remember that low light capabilities are only a minor aspect of photography to most.

For unreasonable light conditions a decent flash helps more than having the best sensor in the world (in most cases, not all).

My go to camera is an E-500. Praised for it's low light ability? I think not! However, with the addition of an FL-36, I need never go above ISO200 for all avenues of photography I enjoy pursuing.

That said, and with an overiding tone of applause for your effort, I fear that those who read this who aren't already converted to the same religion of which you preach, will not actually hear it no matter how loud it is shouted.

Oh well... their loss, not ours


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