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Re: but I thought more expensive gear = make me a better photographer

jsis wrote:

Seriously though, people are arguing about glorified Point and Shoots with interchangeable lenses. Buy the camera that suits your needs and get out there to take some photos. Sony has changed the game in this area, but remember that it is still the photographer that takes the pictures, not the camera.

I don't know if I misread your intentions here, but the NEX is NOT a gloried point and shoot. This has a APS sensor and Sony isn't a late comer to photography like Samsung. This could be the iPhone of photography.

I think if I were currently contemplating buying a GF-1 or a E-PL1, or the (maybe) LX-4, I'd certainly take a good look at the NEX. With the NEX-5 with the 16mm pancake lens at $649 (Ritz Camera) that looks pretty good and pretty compact. Of course we have to wait for the full tests, but not like Sony doesn't know how to build cameras.
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