T2i 12 Minute Video Recording Length Limitation?

Started May 11, 2010 | Discussions thread
Clintwest Contributing Member • Posts: 511
Re: 12 minutes sequence

anyone shoot video know that each take, in many situations, isn't longer than few minutes and often also less than 1 minute.

And i have to say that if you want make videos of childrens or pets or weddings it's a lot better to use a camcorder, wich let you record 60 conntinous minutes with tapes or hours with cards, if you have a xxxl battery.

I'm used to edit all my video footage and each take is not longer than 30 seconds, so it's not a problem the "limit" of the 550D video.

The real limit is, for ordinary use, to haven't a tilting screen, or a dedicated quick video button, or a good working continous focus.

But you will be happy and you will learn something about video (another world comparing to pictures), if you use 550D with various lenses, on a tripod, focusing manually (not easy), panning slowly and not recording continously a 90 minutes football world cup competition

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