New lens for XTi

Started May 10, 2010 | Discussions thread
Legion5 Senior Member • Posts: 1,047
Re: We'd be looking at a stupid-high number...

Personally I'd also recommend the 70-300mm Canon IS too. While the 70-200mm non IS f4 will look better than the 70-300mm IS in every measurable situation, including looking sharper cropped at 200mm vs 300mm, the 70-300mm has image stabilization which at this focal length is going to be very significant. Your camera doesn't have much resolution so the flaws of the 70-300mm will be well matched to it. If you can afford it the 70-200mm F4 IS would be ideal or if you're 100% sure you don't need IS then the 70-200mm F4 non is will deliver the clearest pictures.

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