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Melbourne Park wrote:

Since all the m43 lenses are not protected, it does not look like m43 intends to have a weatherproof camera. Shame ... also a shame that Oly lost their value weatherproof competitive advantage. The E-3 wasn't cheap, and the E-30 should have been weatherproof. Meanwhile the Pentax's mostly are weatherproof. At least the E-PL1 has a waterproof case - but there is nothing in between. I guess one of those plastic flexible cases, but they are as bulky IMO as a full size DSLR ...

FYI, those transparent plastic bags you get at intl airports (for your 100ml cosmetics you want to take with you) as the perfect size for GH1: insert the GH1 in the bag (LCD on the bottom, lens with lenshood outside the bag, close the bag around the lenshood => the lenshood will protect the lens (better add a filter, I have a C-POL in my case), the GH1 is perfectly protected in its bag, all features can be used (of course not as convenient as usual, however it's ok). I did use this trick to take pictures last week, to protect my GH1 from rain: ppl with bigger SLRs were jealous

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