How about a Zoom lens for M cameras?

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Ashley G wrote:

Now here is someone who understands the point I was trying to get across! There are times when you need just a bit more flexibility, and a bit less having to change lenses, attach VF's etc but still want Leica M quality and rangfinder feel. Sometimes you need to be able to get the shot quickly, not stop, take off a lens, get out another one, attach a VF etc etc. I always thought the biggest single strength of an M was to be able to "capture the moment", quickly and well focused. I understand that prime lenses offer the best results but I do not accept the notion that using a zoom lens automatically incurs dreadful loss of quality. So many professional standard images we see these days are captured with zooms.


I think everyone understood your point, most just don't happen to agree with it.

If you need more then one focal length available to you instantly - & are serious about shooting M's - carry another body(s) with the focal length(s) you need.

Some Leica pros have been seen carrying 5+ M's (with lenses) in the film days (I think I once saw an image with someone carrying 7 M's). Different focal lengths, different film ISO's, color, B&W, etc.

Things are much easier these days for the digital shooter having instant access to ISO changes - & HQ B&W results available in PP - which means much less gear is needed for the digital M shooter carrying gear for maximum flexability.

2 bodies, + 2 well chosen primes - should be sufficient for nearly anyone who can, & wants to use an M, for their photography - or use 3/3 (wide, std, tele) for an outstanding M range (one over each shoulder, one around the neck).

If you need assistance selecting the glass for a mutliple body carry - many here would be glad to offer their suggestions - including your's truly.

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